Valentines Day is just around the corner and I’m hoping most of you would have done preparation by now or maybe atleast have planned out the day for your loved one. Love is such an important part of our lives right? Its like we are waiting or as if we are praying to fall in love. Its on our to-do-list…like a challenge waiting for completion.  Those who are single dread this week and day. No matter how much they say they love their freedom and bachelor hood this day takes a toll on them. And those fortunate few who are in love for them it all about planning the day, buying gifts and looking their best on Valentines.

We all had a paragon for love while growing up. For some it was books, music or movie. As for me it was my parents. I seldom heard them saying I love you to each other rather they fought!  Mum complained how dad was always forgetting to get certain things for house and dad complained how mum nagged him to eat his food when he was busy working. Back then it bothered me. But after having some failed encounters in the area I thought I got it all wrong!!!!

I think our whole generation has got it wrong!! Love isn’t a work to tick off our to-do-list. Its more like breathing,  without it there is no existence.  And most importantly its not about how you celebrate one day. Its about being there  for your love through thick and thin..for better or for worse.

Love should be about caring without showing, nagging your partner to quit smoking or some other bad habit, to make them laugh when they want to cry, to hold them when they can’t fight with their demons anymore or sometimes to just hold them when they feel broken. Yes its hard and painful at times but its so worth it. As someone once told me: Why to fall in love, when you can rise upto the sky with the one you love.


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